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Port South Industries LLC was formed with a goal to provide the aviation industry with products that were unmatched in performance and undeniable in luxury. Spanning over three decades of aircraft interior experience allowed us to hone in on the needs of the industry and evolving technologies and to come to market with mature products.

Following in the footsteps of the automotive industry, the aviation market continues to adapt methods, processes and materials that have dramatically changed the look and feel of the traditional aircraft cabin. From the introduction of laminated upholstery in aviation, which went from a wet spray-on lamination method to the automotive industries state of the art dry web adhesive lamination method, there became a need for new advanced materials that would adapt to not only the new but would perform flawlessly with the old.

Port South Textiles was launched to cater to this need for advanced materials. The last few years have been dedicated to working relentlessly with the top tier manufacturers to develop the most advanced materials the aviation market has seen to date.

Our proprietary Zeitaku synthetic line brings with it almost six decades of automotive synthetic manufacturing experience, which as a result has enabled it to secure its ranking as the second largest synthetic distributed in the market today. Specifically formulated to adhere to the aviation regulatory requirements, this product is positioned to achieve the same status in the commercial and aviation markets.

Taking on the line of Aerofoam Industries graphite series foams was a decision based on our company vision. With Aerofoams extensive industry knowledge of comfort, foam formulation, compositions and award-winning designs, it wasn’t a difficult decision for us to include their advanced foams to our product offering.

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